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Sankey Pumping Plant Replacement

The Sankey American Basin Fish Screen and Habitat Improvement Project was constructed in two packages.

The Sankey Diversion includes two pile-supported concrete access bridges and state-of-the-art vertical plate fish screens designed to protect fishery resources in the Sacramento River. The pumping system includes a large concrete forebay/intake structure founded on driven piles and constructed within a sheet pile cofferdam. The facility includes five 400-hp vertical turbine pumps (434 cfs permitted capacity), wedge wire screens, and five 42-inch through 54-inch diameter welded steel discharge pipelines that extend across the flood control levee, in full compliance with the most recent U.S. Army Corps of Engineers levee crossing requirements.

The Sankey Canal includes 2 miles of new earthen irrigation canal to connect the Sankey Diversion to the Northern Canal, structures for connecting to the Bennett Canal and crossing the North Drainage canal, and habitat improvements.